Cordova Ridge B&B, was a Bed and Breakfast in Victoria BC. It closed it’s doors in 2009.

ZandraThe owners, Dennis and Zandra Johnson, were really cute.

4963 Dustin Court
Victoria, BC
V8Y 3B5

General description: The house had two floors & no basement. The main living area is on the second floor. The ground floor has a three room suite at the back and a sewing room and entrance foyer at the front. The garage has been converted to a quilt studio. Later, Zandra moved to Manitoba, and continued her quilting business at

During the summer (mid May to late Sep) we live in the ground floor suite and guests use the second floor (all but the kitchen). During the winter we live upstairs in the Summer room and guests use the ground floor suite and occasionally the Manly Room. We switch floors to provide privacy for our guests (and us) during the busy season.

The gardens were really lovely.

About Cordova Bay

Cord_Bay_Sign_Post_smallCordova Bay is a quaint little community on the northern edge of Victoria. It is bounded by Elk Lake and the highway to the west, farmland to the north, the sea to the east, and the city to the south. It is easy to get to and central to all major attractions.

Elk_Lake_smallElk Lake (fresh water) is a popular training area for Canada’s world class rowing teams, especially during the winter. The lake is surrounded by parkland and a 10Km hiking trail. There are public beaches at both ends of the lake.

Cordova_Bay_tree_smallCordova Bay (salt water) has a long sandy beach with lots of driftwood and shells. It is a popular spot for beachcombers, with numerous public access points.

Cordova Bay Restaurants

Beklens has great atmosphere and excellent food. One of our favourites.

firesidegrill_smallThe Fireside Grill is nearby and very Tudorish.

medgrill_smallThe Med Grill has good food and is alive with the sounds of life (it’s a tad noisy)

olivegrove_smallThe Olive Grove has Greek food. Quel surpris.

romeos_smallRomeo’s is a very popular Italian-Canadian restaurant. Their pizza and pasta takeout is as good as it gets.

Broadmead Mall is situated at the highway and Royal Oak Drive (south end of Cordova Bay). Besides being home to the last restaurant listed above, they have groceries, booze, banks, videos, medical, dental, ice cream, coffee, chocolate, pets, cards, clothes, travel, insurance, kitchen accessories and other stuff I can’t remember.

At the north end of Cordova Bay Road is a unique local attraction which has become a popular place for local residents to go and relax or meet their neighbours. Matticks Farm has been around for years but it was redeveloped recently with great success. It has a variety of boutique style shops, a very popular tea garden/restaurant, wine store, fruit market, ice cream stand, miniature golf and a beautiful outdoor patio area. On busy summer Sundays, a live band performs on the patio. Reminds one of the good old days, whatever they were.

The world famous Butchart Gardens is just minutes away.




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Great Attractions in Cordova Bay, BC

A Perfect Holiday Destination.

Cordova BayVacationing on a sand and pebble beach on a warm-winter afternoon during an out-of work holiday is everyone’s fantasy. Relaxing on the amazing and cozy coastal cottages, sunbathing by the seaside watching the beautiful coastal evening sunsets or sightseeing and partaking in several outdoor activities are some of the best ways to bring a tinge of happiness to yourself or your family, and to ensure that you are refreshed after quiet a long period of work or in school.
One such marvelous destination with completely amazing seafronts, hospitable hotels & restaurants, comfort beaches & magnificent landscapes, remarkable places & stunning sceneries, which offers such exclusive vacationing opportunities to holiday is Cordova Bay, Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Endowed with rare but completely unique ancient charm as well as a modern touch, this coastal region in British Columbia will ensure that you will get the aura necessary for a lovely and peaceful vacation as well as an opportunity to participate in great outdoor activities which will not only provide the adventure that you’ve always longed for , but will ultimately rejuvenate your body and mind.
You may be wondering which places you can visit in Cordova Bay which will give you such enticements and joy. They include:
Cordova Bay Golf Course
Street Address; 5333 Cordova Bay Road, Central Saanich, British Columbia V8Y 2L3, Canada

golf courseTruth be told, this golf course is not only a matter of enjoying the 18 or so golf holes found in the area.
The scenic landscape of this great golf post leaves a lot to be desired. It’s parked with marvelous birds & bees which make the serene environment so attractable as well as beautiful flowers and trees which complement the amazing sceneries to yield the optimal environment required fro a beautiful afternoon picnic.
Talk of the gourmet shops and the staff. The retail gourmets shops are affordable and offer both international and local products of great quality and affordable prices. The staff are so friendly, pretty and professional.
The restaurant and club house located in the golf course are parked with great foods and cuisines and staff who offer superb service.
If you are looking to celebrate an anniversary or wedding or just spend your day in the most relaxed environment in Cordova Bay, then this should be your must- go destination. At the end of the day, you will have yourself to thank for the precise decision to spend your time in this amazing golf course.
Mattick’s Farm
5325 Cordova Bay Road, Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
Mattick's FarmShopping for mementos or vintage products, is one activity which usually is part of a fulfilling holiday. Shopping can at times be boring and monotonous but this can be alleviated with visiting a place which offers extra-ordinary shopping experience. Such a place is Mattick’s Farm in Cordova Bay, BC.
If there a place which has the potential of offering you great and memorable shopping experience as you vacation, then you need to try this shopping plaza.
The beautiful destination is enchanting from the first shop to the last. If you need fresh organic groceries at affordable prices, kitchen wares, gardening implements or your need products for home décor, then your decision won’t flop if you make this shopping center your shopping choice while in Cordova Bay. The experience is even more amazing and profound if you are in the company of friends or family. This magical place has great lawns and courtyards for both groups in the main shopping area. You will be surprised at how time flies by fast as you spend a marvelous afternoon in this splendid haven.
I almost forgot the staff. They are great, lovely, caring and very professional and hospitable. Add this destination to your to-visit list in Vancouver Island during your holiday.
Butchart Gardens
800 Benvenuto Avenue, Central Saanich, British Columbia V8X 3X4, Canada

Butchart_GardensYou may be wondering about the recent growth in garden tourism to various destination around the world. Then this marvelous garden is one reason for the sharp growth. There’s a lot to learn in the garden, and also a lot to adventure. No matter the time of the year that you decide to visit this garden, you will find it different and more spectacular views than your previous visit.
You will always find it awesome and inspiring- the elegant flowers, beautiful birds and amazing trees- in this splendid and well designed landscape. The look over the harbor of this garden, is itself a great thing to so much desire. The restaurants are cafes complement the whole experience and leave you completely desiring for more.